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‘Life-changing’ storm Ian batters Florida

😐 Neutral 2022-09-29@06:00 EDT CNN

Here's why Florida's recovery from Hurricane Ian will be so hard

πŸ™ Negative 2022-09-29@07:01 EDT MSNBC

Aaron Judge smashes his 61st to tie Roger Maris' storied record

😐 Neutral 2022-09-29@06:00 EDT NY Post

Storm Is One of the Strongest Ever to Hit the State

πŸ™‚ Positive 2022-09-29@06:00 EDT NY Times

As Ian batters Florida, Puerto Ricans fear being forgotten

😐 Neutral 2022-09-29@06:00 EDT Politico

OnlyFans Model Jailed for 6 Years For Posting ‘Explicit’ Content

😐 Neutral 2022-09-29@05:00 EDT Vice News

Storm leaves millions without power in Fla.

😐 Neutral 2022-09-29@03:00 EDT Washington Post